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Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter Link "up/down" status property

Currently there is no property for physical network adapters on hosts that simply lists the link as "up" or "down" like you would be able to see from the ESXCLI or in the vSphere client. This would be useful for getting a quick report of all hosts that have links that are up/down if you are having physical networking issues, or potentially NIC driver/firmware issues. Currently the best option I have is to run

'''Get-VMHostNetworkAdapter -Host $vmhost -Physical | Where-Object { $_.BitRatePerSec -eq "0" }'''

which is fine but I'd rather have a discreet "up/down" property value rather than using the detected link speed, or possibly the duplex value. It's also rather simple to do from the ESXCLI and would be nice to be able to do across all hosts in a vCenter.

  • Marcus Puckett
  • Feb 12 2018
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