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Baseline group support for VUM

ability to work with baseline groups through PowerCLI and VUM

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  • Aug 27 2017
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  • Alex Thomson commented
    October 01, 2017 16:17

    Baseline groups would be nice but as an FYI, you can pass multiple baselines with the existing remediation cmdlets.  Not as elegant but you can remediate multiple baselines in one pass

  • Grzegorz Kulikowski commented
    11 Jan 11:25

    Is there a rest api for vum attached somewhere here ? 

    GET /ui/vum-ui/rest/nodes/d3f4dc0e-890b-11e8-9934-000c29773731/baselineGroups 

    https://VC/...../ID of VUM/method 

    Fiddler is showing this when using html5 client.

  • Nicolas Bohn Jacobsen commented
    27 Aug 09:19

    This feature is definitely needed. We use only Baseline Groups in VUM.