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Add Import-Patch cmdlet (VUM)

Currently there is no documented way to import patches to the Update Manager.

If you host more than one vCenter (imagine over 30)  and you are not able to run the VUM Download Service it´s a waste of time to manually upload the patches on each vCenter. 

It would be great to have a cmdlet to specify a patch url (local or http(s)) to upload the patches into the VUM patch repository.

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  • Aug 9 2018
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  • James Mann commented
    17 Jul, 2020 02:16pm

    Same situation over 100 VCSAs need way to automate pushing patches up to VUM. Like you can with vSAN HCL DB

  • Guest commented
    9 Mar, 2020 03:03pm


  • Alex Thomson commented
    15 Nov, 2018 06:57pm

    This would be huge for us as well.  I've written a script to use a source vCenter's baselines as a "gold" version and sync target VCs but the non-VMware patches have to already be there

  • Guest commented
    13 Aug, 2018 07:20am

    Hi Jody,

    I would be pleased if you would share your experiences with me.

    Just to work around this until the cmdlet may be implemented. Thanks! :)


  • Guest commented
    11 Aug, 2018 12:50am

    I manage several vCenters (around 20) and separate VUMs for each.  What I do as a workaround is to use the Download Service on one machine that I use to create my Shared Repository.  I can "import" patches and other bundles to the shared repo and all of my VUMs can see them.

    I also created some cmdlets to promote baselines from my Lab through Development and Production pretty easily, but if this was all built in then that would be much easier.