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Introduce a cmdlet or system variable that returns the VMware Configuration Maximums

The introduction of the VMware Configuration Maximums webpage (https://configmax.vmware.com) is a huge improvement over the previous 30+ pages documents.
And it demonstrates that the numbers are available in a query-able format.

It would be really handy if those maximums could also be retrieved directly from within PowerCLI.
Then there would be no more need to look up the value on the webpage, and then hardcode them in your automation scripts.
Where you probably forget about them, and where they will become outdated rather quickly.

PS: if a cmdlet or a system variable is not possible, perhaps including a file with the numbers, in a PowerShell digestible format, in the PowerCLI distribution would help.

  • Luc Dekens
  • Oct 3 2018
  • Looking for Feedback