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Fix the noun prefix issue

Vmwares noun prefixes conflict with hyper-v, can you please fix that?

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  • Mar 14 2019
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  • Guest commented
    14 Mar 17:21

    It would be nice though if they worked together by default.  Given that the default system behavior uses the hyper-v module, and that you are a third party, it would be great if you engineered one of those solutions in to the package to work that way by default.  Instead of users having to spend time with additional configuration just to make your tools work.

  • Admin
    Jake Robinson commented
    14 Mar 17:27

    I'll share this with the PowerShell team at Microsoft, as this is really needs to happen at the PowerShell platform level. No one should expect 3rd parties to change cmdlet names every time Microsoft takes one for their own usage.

  • Admin
    Jake Robinson commented
    14 Mar 17:31

    Also, the Hyper-V module is an optional windows feature. Are you actually using it?

  • Guest commented
    14 Mar 17:35



    When did powercli move to being a module as opposed to the snap-in? 


    Anyway, this is just frustrating is all.

  • Admin
    Jake Robinson commented
    20 Mar 17:28

    I believe around 6.5R1 is when we made the move to modules, and in 6.5.1 we got rid of the MSI and moved to the PowerShell Gallery (RIP Snapins!). I completely understand your frustration, and it will definitely come up again in my meeting with the PowerShell team.