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Add cluster as a valid VIContainer object for Get-Template

Get-Template does not recognize clusters as a valid location type.  Add support for using cluster as a location with something such as Get-Template -Location (Get-Cluster -Name clustername) or Get-Cluster -Name clustername | Get-Template.

  • Alex Klein
  • Jun 17 2019
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  • Steve Kaplan commented
    17 Jun, 2019 04:27pm

    I'm assuming there's at least some sort of a reason other than "Oh, we just missed that" around this one, so if there's a reason the cluster itself can't be a container, at the very least default to the 'Resources' resource pool of the cluster if the cluster is specified (since that's ostensibly what happens anyhow). It is very frustrating not being able to set the cluster as a container for things like New-VM, Move-VM, etc