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Get rid of the over-eager verbosity on PowerCLI cmdlets

VMware PowerCLI cmdlets are way more verbose than regular PowerShell cmdlets.

A demonstration

function Get-Test{

Write-Verbose "In function"
Get-VM | Out-Null
Get-Process | Out-Null

Get-Test -Verbose
This produces the following output

VERBOSE: In function
VERBOSE: 08-Dec-19 11:29:42 Get-VM Finished execution

Notice how the Get-Process did NOT produce any verbose output, while the Get-VM did produce verbose output, which btw I consider mostly useless.

This is quite annoying when using a PowerCLI cmdlet in a loop and trying to use the Verbose switch to help you debug your function.

Please remove this unhelpful verbosity, or at least provide a PowerCLIConfiguration option to suppress this.

  • Luc Dekens
  • Dec 8 2019
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