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Bring back and fix online help in the Help .LINK section

PowerShell has a nice feature for comment-based help.
The .Link keyword can contain a reference to an online help page.

This feature was used by most PowerCLI modules up to and including PowerCLI version

Since then this link has not been updated in newer PowerCLI versions and is even missing in new cmdlets introduced after

This lack of the Link with the Uri for the online help page manifests itself in several situations. Some example cases:

  • When using the Online switch with the Get-Help cmdlet.

    • An error is displayed (see attachment)

  • When using the Get Help for Command option in VSCode.

    • As a result the regular Help page is displayed in the Terminal window, which is a nuisance when debugging code.

  • Luc Dekens
  • Mar 5 2020
  • Looking for Feedback
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