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Enrich PowerCLI to avoid PowerShell scriptlets

Currently there are so many great cmdlets for PowerCLI but often large customers are forced to rely on API calls and Powershell scriptlets, for example to set a boot.delay timeout for VMs during boot. We have to jump from cmdlets to scriptlets back and forth again and again. Please provide consistent cmdlets offered by PowerCLI without having to revert back to API calls to manage five digit VM numbers on daily basis.

  • Markus Struck
  • Jul 2 2020
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    Kamen Nikolov commented
    24 Sep, 2020 07:14am

    We're doing our best to cover all major workflows with PowerCLI cmdlets, but we have limited resources in the team that develops those cmdlets and that's why we have this site for you to file such requests. We'll consider adding a parameter for boot delay in future versions. If there are other specific features that you're missing in our cmdlets and need to revert to API calls for them file separate feature requests for them, so that people can upvote them and we'll prioritize them accordingly.