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Can Aptoide be used safely today?

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about Aptoide, as it may become the app store of the upcoming Huawei mobiles, but the truth is that it is an app that operates since 2009.

And despite their great trajectory they have faced many problems with Google. The developers of Aptoide recently demanded that Google play honestly, as it is currently marked by Mountain View as a dangerous app store, so today we will tell you the truth about it.

Google singles out Aptoide as long-term dangerous

Advantages AptoideNo this is the first time That Aptoide has reproached Google for trying to monopolize the Android operating system with its app store. Last year Aptoide made a formal lawsuit because Google was deleting its app from mobiles through Google Play Protect, without even consulting the user. According to Google these actions were performed because Aptoide may be unsafe.

In the end, this lawsuit was won by Aptoide, so Google had to stop deleting the app, however, it still points to the Portuguese-born store as very dangerous. This led to Aptoide creating a campaign through a website called Google Play Fair, which translates as "Google Plays Fair".

Aptoide is a secure store


Aptoide is not dangerous as Google wants us to believe, and while there may be some apps that compromise our information or the health of our mobile, they may also be on the Google Play Store. We can remember the case of Clean Master, an app that sold our information to third parties and was available in both stores for a long time.

This is not the first time Google has received such accusations. In October 2018, the European Commission fined Google more than $4 billion for forcing mobile manufacturers to install Google Chrome and Search.

CAN I Download aptoide For MY MOBILE?

If you want to use Aptoide as your main store to download apps on Android, you can do so with confidence, since it is difficult to download some harmful application and best of all you will be helping app developers who must pay 30% of their sales to Google, instead in Aptoide this commission is 19%.

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  • Jul 22 2020
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