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Lucky patcher for android devices

Patching apps on devices

Lucky Patcher is a free application and tool to manage the content of any application. It allows you to modify apps and games, change app permissions, block unwanted ads and much more.

Grant access to hidden features

Lucky Patcher allows free users to unlock exclusive features in some apps that stay behind the paywall. There are some online apps that demand payment to users, but this app can avoid that limitation. The app is a way for users to maximize the full features of their app.

Improving the status of applications

Users must grant root access on their devices before using Lucky Patcher. This application has many features available for each instance. App and game ads are removable or blockable. In-app purchase verification can also be blocked for free access to premium apps and games. Its tool allows users to modify games as well as earn free coins in the game. Apps that require permission to access devices are often questionable and Lucky Patcher removes suspicious-looking permissions from apps or games. License checks can also be removed with Lucky Patcher. Save a backup of apps and games before and after their updates or patches. Users can also create a modified APK with this app. If users are downloading apps or games, the app's easy-to-use features notify if they have Google ads or if they have a custom patch available if users want to modify them. If users needed additional help to use this app, Lucky Patcher has an official forum that serves as its own community. They can ask questions on the forums, gather information about the app, and request new features.

Unlocking app potentials

There are some features that app developers do not disclose with their users and are kept hidden behind a paywall. Lucky Patcher is a tool to get the best out of free apps by making them accessible.

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  • Jul 22 2020
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