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Phone ringtones and related stories

Ringtones related to personal chats have recently become the political focus in the Philippines. This 17-second bell captured President Gloria Mapacagal-Arroyo's voice "Hello, Hello, Hello Garci" three times, and then asked election commissioner Virgilio Garcillano "Will I still lead more than 1 million votes? ". The above Ringtone was posted online to defame the President, implying a fraudulent plot in the Philippine election. The website containing this track has stopped working due to overload. There are no such political scandals in the US, but sometimes you'll have to grimace when you hear President Clinton's bell saying "I'm not breathing" or Actor Schwarzenegger's chat about "Girlie Men" every time. ring. During the US election, users can support Kerry, Bush or Nader by using a ringtone to call a candidate's name and say "vote for this candidate". Over the years, ringtones have become an indispensable part of popular culture. After the introduction of new technology, which allowed songs to be converted into ringtones, music on mobile phones became a new standard, and in October 2004, Billboard introduced his music charts. Hot ringtones - weekly. John Kilcullen, Billboard Director, said the new move reflects "the growth, innovation and success of the rapidly growing mobile music market". At the end of May, the song Crazy Frog overtook Speed ​​of Sound to take No. 1 on the UK charts, continuing to be a phenomenon in the entertainment industry and on the Internet for many weeks thereafter.Please refer to the klingeltöne address that provides free ringing tones

  • Jonathan Orson
  • Sep 1 2020
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