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Onyx support for HTML5 and REST APIs

I want Onyx support for the HTML5 vSphere Client and the new REST APIs

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  • Aug 21 2017
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  • Doug Munn commented
    9 May, 2019 02:42pm

    I would love to see translatoin into PowerCLI cmdlets also.

    It would help greatly in developing automation tools.

  • Mads Fog Albrechtslund commented
    22 Nov, 2018 12:18pm

    Any idea when we might see JavaScript code output supported in the H5C fling? 

  • Deleted User commented
    25 Oct, 2018 06:39pm

    For those requesting javascript, I hear you. :)

  • Deleted User commented
    25 Oct, 2018 06:38pm

    We've shipped Code Capture in the H5C fling, and it will be progressing to VMware Cloud on AWS, and then to a future on-prem release of the HTML5 client. Stay tuned!

  • Brian Wurtzel commented
    10 Sep, 2018 02:48pm

    Another +1 for Mads' comment. I would like to see that too!

  • David Morse commented
    4 Sep, 2018 08:41pm

    +1 to converting to high-level PowerCLI

  • Matthew Bednar commented
    28 Aug, 2018 12:37am

    I think it would be great if Code Capture could offer a tab switch that would allow us to see low level or high level powercli. It would be like having the cake and eating it too.

  • Chandan Hegde commented
    27 Aug, 2018 05:48am

    Would be great if the conversion happens to high level powercli code or python pyvmomi code.

  • Andrew Richardson commented
    27 Aug, 2018 12:00am

    Would love to see translation to native PowerCLI cmdlets!

  • Zach Milleson commented
    22 Aug, 2018 05:41pm

    +1 for Mads' comment regarding javascript for vRO.

  • Mads Fog Albrechtslund commented
    22 Aug, 2018 01:14pm

    Would be great to get vRO Javascript code output support in the new Code Capture feature, like it originally was in Onyx v1.