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Inconsistent vApp Import with Import-VApp and New-VM

As shown in the two attachments, a vApp that is created using a local OVA file and the Import-VApp command will retain the OVF Configuration settings as expected. However, if you upload the same OVA to a Content Library and then use the New-VM -ContentLibraryItem option, the configured OVF settings do not transfer in appropriately. In the illustrated case, the Workspace ONE Access OVA drops the network configuration settings, but retains the timezone and host name settings from the OVF Config.

The use case is for admins coming in on a VDI session creating a new VApp using published Content Library items should be able to deploy the VApp as expected without having to download the OVA to their desktop first.

PowerCLI Version used: 12.4.1

PowerShell Core 7.2

Commands for each import:

$wsoVm = Import-VApp -Source $wsoSourceOva -OvfConfiguration $OVFConfig -Name $vmName -VMHost $vmhost -Location $cluster -Datastore $ds -DiskStorageFormat thin -Confirm:$false

$wsoVm = New-VM -ContentLibraryItem $wsoContentItem -OvfConfiguration $OVFConfig -Name $vmName -VMHost $vmhost -Location $vmFolder -Datastore $ds -DiskStorageFormat Thin -Confirm:$false

  • Alex Ackerman
  • Nov 14 2021
  • Will not implement
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  • Admin
    Kamen Nikolov commented
    18 Nov 01:06pm

    Hello Alex,

    I'll get in touch with you to get all the details that we need to investigate this further.

  • Alex Ackerman commented
    18 Nov 09:13am

    Since I am working with a VMUG Advantage evaluation license for all my homelab work, I don't have a contract to submit the SR. Is there a forum or mechanism to submit for community feedback?

  • Admin
    Kamen Nikolov commented
    15 Nov 09:50am

    Hello Alex,
    The feature requests page is meant for requesting new features, not reporting issues with the product. What you have reported looks like an issue and should be reported through an SR as explained in our user's guide here: https://developer.vmware.com/docs/14541//GUID-0F835722-E667-4177-A8EF-51AB15FA837E.html.

  • Alex Ackerman commented
    15 Nov 08:25am

    why was this marked will not implement?