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Document (in more detail) what the PowerCLI CEIP collects

I have read the Customer Experience Improvement Program info that is published.
But that documentation doesn't specify in detail what specifically, and at which intervals, is collected in the case of the PowerCLI CEIP.
Due to internal security rules/requirements we, and I guess many others, need to be able to document exactly what goes "out". We want to avoid account info, license info, hostnames, IP addresses, HW vendor info... to go outside without our knowledge and approval.

In the case of the PowerCLI CEIP detailed info on the content and the frequency is missing afaik. Documenting the content of the data the PowerCLI CEIP sends out, and the ability to "check" this information, would help in getting approval for activating the PowerCLI CEIP.

PS: the CEIP Product Table is still mentioning 6.5R1 as the latest release, and doesn't seem to be aware of the vSphere to VMware name change.

  • Luc Dekens
  • Sep 21 2017
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