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Enhanced Move-VM cmdlet to support compute-only Cross vCenter vMotion

Today, there is a limitation with the Move-VM cmdlet for a compute-only Cross vCenter vMotion where VMDKs stored across different datastores will actually be relocated to a single datastore after performing the migration. It is possible to override this behavior via the vSphere API which William's xMove-VM.ps1 script (https://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2016/05/automating-cross-vcenter-vmotion-xvc-vmotion-between-the-same-different-sso-domain.html) supports by simply enabling setting the $xvcType property to 1. The script makes use of the granular VirtualMachineRelocateSpecDiskLocator which allows you to specify the location for individual disks which you can have a look here for the specific implementation supporting this use case.

It would be very useful to also have additional flexibility for Cross vCenter vMotions!

  • William Lam
  • Oct 26 2017
  • Looking for Feedback
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  • Martin Cooper commented
    13 Sep, 2023 04:35pm

    So here we are 6 years on... Any update on this?

    Move-VM remains woefully inadequate without full xvMotion support for both compute only (i.e shared datastores) and compute/storage migrations.

    Support is needed for VM's with multiple NICs and those consuming multiple datastores.

    Please VMware can you give this cmdlet some love & attention?