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PowerCLI on vRO

Would be great to be able to get PowerCLI Core on the vRO appliance and to be able to paste PowerCLI code straight into a workflow!

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  • Aug 28 2017
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  • scott rosenberg commented
    28 Apr, 2020 08:54am

    this has finally been implemented in VRO 8.1! unfortunately only with VRA license though

  • Guest commented
    19 Jan, 2020 10:22pm

    I had a similar suggestion here: https://powercli.ideas.aha.io/ideas/PCLI-I-153

    Keep up-voting native support for vRA+vRO in PowerCLI. Hopefully VMware will see the demand. CloudClient is clunky.

  • RYAN ROLAND commented
    25 Mar, 2019 07:24pm

    Curious if this is still a firm "Will not implement" and if so, was this due to some technical blocker or a license issue or something else.

  • Jonas Jakobsen commented
    22 Aug, 2018 06:45pm

    +1 for this. With Onyx only producing PowerCLI code at the moment and a lot of things being a hell of a lot easier to script in PowerCLI than in vRO Javascript it makes sense to implement a PowerCLI script action using Powershell/PowerCLI core!

  • Guest commented
    1 Aug, 2018 06:50pm

    Also add the vRO that is embedded in the vRA appliance to this wish list

  • Guest commented
    1 Aug, 2018 06:49pm

    Now that the multi-platform PCLI is out, is this being revisited???

  • Guest commented
    4 Dec, 2017 07:39pm

    Dear Jake!

    As someone who uses PCLI and vRealize Orchestrator on a daily basis, I have to say extending the vRO functionality with this little addition would spare us 1) a Windows server (If we want to utilize PS, it's the only way right now) 2) a lot of hassle working with JavaScript-based workflows :)
    Anyway I understand that PCLI on a Linux-based appliance is unusual... I hope we'll get the "multi-platform" PCLI soon:)

  • Steven Carnes commented
    30 Nov, 2017 05:32pm

    :( Sad to see these updates, but happy at the possibilities in the future!

  • Deleted User commented
    30 Nov, 2017 08:53am

    I believe there will be better orchestration options for PowerCLI once it runs on Linux. I will revisit the underlying request after we release the multi-platform version.

  • Deleted User commented
    30 Nov, 2017 08:51am

    I've talked to the vRO team about this feature request, and it does not sound like it will be implemented.